Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Topic Ideas + Oh She Glows + Almost Raw Vegan

Hi, all my blog readers!
I'm looking for new topic ideas. What sort of things do YOU want me to discuss on my blog? Do you want more vegan recipes and lifestyle, more philosophy, more action tips, or something else? Please fill out the poll to your right (it will be up until July 30, 2013), or, even better, give your ideas in the comments section below.
Two websites that I've found recently that I wanted to share with you:

Oh She Glows

I've recently discovered a website/blog called Oh She Glows, documenting Angela Liddon's journey into good health. (And, in case you weren't sure, Angela is a vegan.) There are LOADS of good recipes on her blog, including the Green Monster smoothies, and many gluten-free/raw recipes that I plan to try. She also has a page titled, "My Vegan Pantry", in which she shows you all the different foods she keeps in her pantry. I highly recommend that you check it out.
Angela also provides a great deal of other information regarding veganism, and she also includes her own personal experiences and stories about diet, fitness, and overall happiness throughout her website. Having risen above an eating disorder that she struggled with for much of her life, her blog truly is a celebration of health, happiness, and vegan food! See her website at

Almost Raw Vegan

Almost Raw Vegan is Catherine Droessler's website/blog in which she discusses vegan food (all her food is vegan, but not all of it is raw, hence the title "Almost Raw Vegan"). She provides lots of recipes and information on veganism and the raw foods diet. It's a pretty cool website to explore. Raw diets don't work for everyone, but going "almost raw" certainly helped her recover her health, and raw foods are definitely healthy! Her website is

See you next week, and remember to do the poll on the right hand side of my blog soon!

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