Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Guardian's Editorial About Veganism

Recently an editorial entitled “The Guardian view on veganism: high in moral fibre” was published on The Guardian’s website. The editorial piece pointed out that vegans often are unfairly mocked by meat-eaters, and it said that “the diet does do the world good and if vegans provoke their friends into going vegan too, so much the better.” The writer began the piece by commenting on the recent statements of UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (who is already a vegetarian) about how he is shifting towards eating more vegan food (although it is unclear whether or not he is actually going to go vegan).

Some environmental and health benefits of veganism were mentioned in the editorial, but animal ethics were not. Although it would have been nice to hear more about the animal-ethics reasons to go vegan, it was overall very encouraging to see the editor of a major news outlet writing in defense of veganism. Our movement is clearly doing something right!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ethics and Pets on CBC Radio One

This morning on a radio show called The Current on CBC Radio One, Anna Maria Tremonti interviewed Gary Francione, Stanley Coren, and Jessica Pierce about their differing views on the ethical issues surrounding pet ownership. It was a very interesting discussion-- you can listen to it and/or read the accompanying article here.

Have a nice day!