Monday, March 27, 2017

6 Ways to Distribute Vegan/Animal Rights Literature (besides leafleting)

Leafleting is a good way to get the vegan/animal rights message to people who otherwise might not see it. However, to those vegans who might not want to stand on a street corner and hand out literature to strangers, there are still other ways you can spread vegan/animal rights literature! Here are some ideas:

1. Place some brochures for your local vegan association, or some Vegan Starter Kit booklets, in the rack of free magazines and newspapers at your local grocery store. When people are grocery shopping, they are already thinking about food, and will probably be more likely to pick up a vegan starter guide than they would be at other times.
2. Place some leaflets, booklets, or brochures around your school or at your workplace.
3. Go to your local health food stores, eco-friendly stores, and other like-minded shops and ask if they will set out brochures for your local vegan association at the cash register. Now that veganism is becoming increasingly mainstream, you may find them very willing—or even eager—to see your literature!
4. Stop by the local library or community centre and ask if they will set out the literature.
5. Put up “Go Vegan” posters on telephone poles around your city.
6. Bring booklets, leaflets, and other literature with you when you go out—you never know when you’ll run into someone who might want some vegan/animal rights information!
PETA's Vegan Starter Kits can be ordered for free by activists who wish to distribute them. Just e-mail PETA to let them know how many you'd like, and they are likely to send you the amount you want!