Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2016 Ottawa Earthlings March

I recently participated in an animal rights march, and I've written a blog post about the march. You can find that post over on my newer animal rights blog, Vegan Forget-Me-Nots.
If you haven't already signed up to receive e-mails every time I write a new blog post on Vegan Forget-Me-Nots, you can do so in the right-hand sidebar on that site. I'm trying to make Vegan Forget-Me-Nots my main animal rights blog, although I am still posting on The Animal Rights Action Site, too, of course.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bringing Education on Plant-Based Nutrition into Schools

I have recently written a blog post for the National Capital Vegetarian Association's blog (I'm currently a member of the NCVA's Board of Directors) that discusses and shares some resources for bringing education on plant-based nutrition into schools. The resources that I linked to in the post are in English, and in the comments section, I've also linked to some that are in French. You can find my post at https://ncva.ca/2016/09/04/giving-kids-a-plant-based-education/
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Monday, August 22, 2016

My New Printable "Why Vegan" Brochures!

Hi everyone!

Lately I've been working on writing literature on animal rights and veganism. One of the things I've written is a brochure called "Why Vegan?". In the brochure, I discuss the reasons for going vegan and  include some details on how to make the switch. I also provide links to other websites, so that people can learn more! I've used some of Jo-Anne McArthur's beautiful photos of animals and humans (since she allows advocates to use her photographs as long as they give her credit for her work) in these leaflets, so they are visually attractive, too!

I created these brochures because I felt that there weren't enough options of leaflets out there. I wanted to hand out leaflets that were non-graphic, that promote veganism unequivocally, that focus on the underlying values of veganism, and that would appeal to people in the mainstream.

I have recently made a brochure for the National Capital Vegetarian Association that is very similar to this one, but that one isn't available for download through my blog. If you live in Ottawa, you might see the NCVA version being handed out at events, however!

You can find my brochures at Google Drive at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzC9bTdfS67Pb1VnYldFWXFHUmc/view?usp=sharing

Feel free to print off my brochures and hand them out, if you'd like-- let's spread the word about compassion and justice, one leaflet at a time! :)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Free Downloadable "I Am A Vegan" Posters

Hi everyone!
Want to put up more posters advocating for veganism? I've created some downloadable posters that you can print off your computer and put up around your city or town! Each poster says, "I am a vegan..." and then gives a reason to go vegan. Some of them are in colour, while others are not. There are five of them in all. Thanks to Jo-Anne McArthur for letting me (and all other animal rights activists!) use her lovely photos!
To give an example, here is one of the posters:

To download all of them, see the PDF here!
Thanks, and keep advocating for the animals!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Favourite Animal Rights/Vegan Podcasts

In order to be the most effective animal advocates as is possible, it's important to regularly remind ourselves of why we went vegan, to network with other vegans, to stay informed about animal issues, and to be inspired to help animals. After all, if we don't work in an animal-related field or have frequent discussions with other vegans, it can be easy to go long periods of time without really thinking about why we went vegan. Regularly networking with other animal activists helps us to exchange ideas, stories, and tips, and to have a sense of community.

One excellent way to stay informed and inspired is to listen to podcasts. Even those of us with busy lifestyles can find the time to listen to a podcast or two, as listening to audio is a great way to pass the time while commuting, exercising, relaxing, washing dishes, and doing other activities that don’t require your undivided attention. (It's best not to have earbuds in while walking, running, biking, or driving on the road, though!) And, unlike when you’re browsing the web, when you’re listening to podcasts you don’t have to worry about getting distracted by annoying comments or accidentally seeing graphic photos of animals on factory farms.
I’ve been listening to several animal rights/vegan podcasts lately. Here are my top 3 favourites:
1) Food for Thought Podcast with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.
I could write a whole article about Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, but in short, Colleen is a vegan advocate who promotes joyful vegan living and compassionate communication. Her podcast, Food for Thought, focuses on a different topic to do with animal rights and/or veganism in each episode. Examples of podcast episode titles include “Traveling to Africa: Planning and Preparing for a Dream Trip” (this was an exciting one), “Advocacy and Adaptation: Fitting In and Living Joyfully in a Non-Vegan World”, and “Animal Word Origins”.
Although of course I don’t agree with everything Colleen says, I do love her message of unapologetic and compassionate vegan living. I’ve listened to about 25 of her podcast episodes so far. They are inspiring and informative!
In addition to creating her own podcast, Colleen also makes videos, writes books and articles, gives speeches, and more! Her podcast and other materials can be found on her website at http://www.joyfulvegan.com/podcast

I'd recommend Food for Thought if you are looking for: information, advice, and inspiration to help you lead a joyful, compassionate, and unapologetic vegan activist lifestyle.
2) The Vegan Option with Ian McDonald.
The Vegan Option is a documentary-style podcast hosted by Ian McDonald. The episodes are so fascinating—and sound so professional—that they are definitely worth a listen! Examples of episodes include the “Vegetarianism: The Story So Far” series (about the history of vegetarianism—it’s very interesting), “Science Fiction and Animals” (which includes a funny Doctor Who parody audio sketch), and the “Veganism in Politics” series (which I look forward to listening to soon). Find his podcast at http://theveganoption.org/category/show/.

I'd recommend The Vegan Option if you are looking for: compelling documentary stories and ideas about animals and veganism in society.
3) Our Hen House Podcast with Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan.
Our Hen House Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan. The main section of each podcast includes interviews with various animal rights/vegan activists; there’s also an animal rights news segment and a “Rising Anxieties” segment about how the animal industries are taking notice of the animal rights movement. Each episode also includes some commentary and chit-chat. It reminds me of listening to the radio because it has lots of different sections to it. I don’t agree with all of their positions on certain subjects, but I usually really like listening to this podcast. And it provides plenty of inspiration to activists who are looking to do more to help animals. You can find the podcast at http://www.ourhenhouse.org/podcast/. They also have an "Animal Law" podcast and a "Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan" podcast.

I'd recommend Our Hen House if you are looking: to keep updated on the latest goings-on in the animal rights world, and to be inspired to help animals by hearing about what other activists are doing.
Just to let you know, I will be posting this post on my new blog, as well. Have a nice week!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Big Announcement

Hello everyone! Today I have a big announcement to make... I'm starting a new blog! It's called Vegan Forget-Me-Nots, and it's a blog on which I will share my latest activism projects and provide resources for other animal rights/vegan activists.

I felt the need to start a new blog in addition to this one because I wanted to start a more focused "homepage" of sorts for my activism-- one on which people can be easily find videos, posters, and other content that I'm making.

I am still going to keep posting sporadically (as I have been doing) on The Animal Rights Action Site, however. I started writing for this blog when I was 15, and have been keeping at it for nearly the past 5 years! This blog has been a useful place for me to develop my writing skills and spread the word about animal rights, and I'm so glad I have kept with it for so long. I love this blog, so don't worry, it isn't going away!

On Vegan Forget-Me-Nots, I am working on a project called "Reasons To Be Vegan". I'm making (a) video(s) and posters for this, so please check out my new blog and sign up for e-mail updates of new blog posts!

You can find it at http://veganforgetmenots.blogspot.ca/ .

Have a great day!

Copyright C. H. 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ban of Selling Commercially-Bred Dogs and Cats from Ottawa Pet Stores!

Hello everyone,
A while ago, I did a post on how the City of Ottawa was considering banning the sale of commercially-bred dogs, cats, and rabbits from pet stores in Ottawa. Well, now I have some pretty good news-- a new law has been passed! Once it starts being enforced, the only dogs and cats that will be allowed to be sold at Ottawa pet stores will be animals from animal shelters and rescues.
The bad news, however, is that these changes will not come into effect for 5 years. Also, none of the articles I have seen on the subject mention rabbits or other small animals at all, so presumably rabbits and other "pocket pets" will still be sourced from commercial breeders. :(
Still, it's encouraging to know that the regulations are changing surrounding this! :)

Here are a couple of links to articles about this: