Pledge for Environmental Justice

I wrote this pledge in Spring 2012. Please print it out (on recycled paper, of course) and sign it yourself. Feel free to change any parts of it you want before you print it, but if you want to share it with anyone, please do not change it and please always give me full credit. If you want to publish it on your website, ask me by e-mailing rabbit-catATvegemailDOTcom. Thanks, and enjoy the commitment of Environmental Justice!

Pledge for Environmental Justice

The state of the environment is in peril. Humanity is clear-cutting forests, hunting endangered animals, and polluting the land, sea, and air faster than nature can repair itself. This is endangering the natural world, which I, my extended family, and all of Earth’s creatures depend on. If no action is taken to reverse this ruthless damage, we will all die slowly of starvation and disease.
Something must be done. And this must not be put off any longer.


I, ______________________________, hereby pledge to:

·         take actions, large and small, to reduce my negative impact on planet Earth, striving towards a more peaceful and sustainable planet;

·         devote my life to protecting the environment, be it through educating others, working to restore sacred lands, convincing those with great authority to engage in environmentally sound practices, or any other way I see fit;

·         treat all living creatures with respect and kindness;

·         hold fast to the beauty of the Universe, which manifests itself everywhere and in every living thing, and this beauty I will keep in my heart;

·         fight for environmental justice until I’ve won, or until there is nothing left to fight for.

With so much at stake, there is no time to lose. I will start today. I may fall back; I may encounter bitter struggles; I may face rejection; I may run out of luck; I may be mocked, judged, or ridiculed; I may lose hope; I may feel lost. Regardless of this, I will not give up, and I will always rise back up again in hope of a better tomorrow.

Signed with compassion,


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