Sunday, November 13, 2011

Action II: Boycott animal skins!

Have you ever realized how some people are opposed to fur, but they are absolutely fine with leather and sheepskin, etc? I have got to say that this is hypocritical. The method to attain these cruel products is always the same: kill the animal. So please don't buy ANY animal skins! This includes leather couches, jackets, belts, keychains, and saddles, sheepskin gloves, hats and boots (like Uggs), and, of course, fur coats, rugs, and other things. The whole point is to reduce animal suffering. There are so many alternatives to animal skins, including faux fur, fake leather, even faux crocodile skin! I have heard a story about crocodiles being raised in little tanks with their mouths taped shut in a dark room. That is all preventable. Here is a quote that I like:

"When you dress in suede or leather,
or some fancy fur or feather,
do you stop and wonder whether,
for a fad,
you have killed some beast or other?
And you're wearing someone's brother,
or perhaps it's someone's mother
in which you're clad!"
-Dr. Doolittle

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