Sunday, November 6, 2011

Action I: Helping Companion Animals

Many of us have animals other than humans in our families nowadays. But many of the "pets" are so unhappy, it is hard to imagine that they consider us family! Even if you don't have companion animals, there are still ways to help them. Here are some ideas:

 1) If you have pets:
    How much time do you spend with them every day? Some days, it can be easy to ignore them completely, save for feeding them. It is important to consider your pets as you do your family. I know you wouldn't lock up the kid you're baby-sitting in a cage with metal bars! How are animals any different? Therefore, try to spend lots of time with your pets each day, even if it is just sitting and reading a book near them.
If you have a hamster or little animal who would escape and die if you didn't keep her in a cage, please make sure to give her the biggest, most luxurious cage possible! Always consider how you might feel in the animals' situation and give them the best life possible.

2) Other people's pets:
   Obviously, we aren't going to barge into our neighbours' houses and demand that they take better care of their companion animals. Instead, we can do any of the following:
  • report abuse. If you see people kicking their dog down the front steps or even just leaving their dog out in the cold with no water for a very long time, call the humane society or SPCA immediately. You could end up saving his or her life.
  • petsit. Looking for extra cash? Put up signs around the neighbourhood for a petsitting service, or tell your neighbours, friends, and family about it. By petsitting, we can make sure that the animals are treated properly (instead of letting them go off to some cheap old kennel) by walking them, playing with them, or even just reading a book while they lie on the rug at our feet. We can also make sure that they have responsible owners, so when the people come back, we can give them tips on what they could be doing differently. Honestly, it works.
  • dog walk. Many people claim to not have time to walk their dogs. But you can really spice up a doggy's life by offering to take him on a walk, for free or for cash. You can put up signs for a dog-walking service, or if you see a dog who never seems to get outside, offer to walk with him for free. I have also done things like this, and it is a great experience.
There you go! Some ideas. Please post comments and check off which box applies to how you felt about this post. I love hearing feedback!

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  1. Trying to put yourself in your pets "shoes" really is an eye opener. When we first got our rabbit I just assumed that she would spend most of her life in her cage and then come out to hop around when we were around to watch her. That idea didn't last long as it was obvious that our bunny had no intention of sitting in a cage most of the time as she would chew on the bars of her cage to get out. We ended up letting her stay out all the time but seperated her from our dog (just in case). She now owns the family room and enjoys her freedom, hiding spots, numerous cardboard boxes, etc. If you don't have room to give a bunny it's freedom then I would suggest not getting bunny. Thanks Carolyn for sharing your ideas about pet care. This is a hot issue in my mind!