Friday, February 28, 2014

Animal Rights in Quebec-- Sign the Manifesto!

The Montreal SPCA is calling for the Quebec government to alter its civil code so that animals are no longer defined as "property". According to the website,

"Like most people, we believe that animals are not toasters. This view, however, is not shared by our Civil Code. From a legal standpoint, a dog or a cow is no different than a toaster or a chair: all are considered moveable property. Quebec law thus assimilates the act of hurting or abusing an animal to the destruction of property. ... In 2014, it has become urgent to break free from the Civil Code’s categories and to grant animals a legal status that is distinct from that of moveable property, and that takes into account their capacity to feel pleasure and pain – to grant them, in short, the status of sentient being."

You can read more about the issue of animals being legally considered as "property" here:, and you can also sign the manifesto on their website. Oh, and if you want to be inspired, just look at the long list of names of people who have already signed it-- teachers, journalists, lawyers, television hosts, scientists, and more:
You don't have to be a Quebec resident to sign the petition-- I don't live in Quebec, and I've signed it! (For those of you who live outside of Canada, Quebec is a Canadian province.) The signatories come from both Canada and other countries.
Together, we can change the world for the better for the animals. :)

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  1. Really interesting. This reminds me of the history of human rights.