Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Meet Other Veg*ns

A lot of veg*ns (vegetarians and vegans) I've met on the web and in person have told me the same old thing: "I don't know any other veg*ns!" It can be pretty tough when you feel like you're all alone in a world of cold-hearted, misunderstanding meat-eaters... :( but never fear! There are ways to meet other veg*ns! :D
Way #1: Regional vegetarian associations and vegan societies. These groups often hold events, potlucks, and more, making them a great way to meet others who follow a plant-based diet. Just do a search engine search for "[Your city/region name here] vegan/vegetarian association" and something may well come up.
Way #2: Meetup groups. has a lot of different groups you can join all over the world, including veg groups. Just do a quick search on their website for groups near your location.
Profile IconWay #3: The One and Only...! I love It's a vegan and vegetarian online community where you can meet other veg*ns. There are discussion boards, blogs, and groups to join. From there, you can either agree to meet people in groups or as individuals offline, or you can keep your relations strictly offline. It's completely safe (well, as safe as the Internet gets, I figure). You can look me up on it-- my online name is "Cat" and my picture is currently a very huggable tree with a slogan saying, "Hug Me/ I'm an Environmentalist". Friend me?
 As puts it,
"Why Join?> it's fun and it's free
> meet vegetarians and vegans
> you can make new friends
> you can tell your story
> write blogs
> share your photos
> share your videos
> share your recipes
> organize events
> support new vegetarians/vegans
> pimp your page
> chat with vegans & vegetarians
> start your own group
> plant your "world marker"
> you may become (kinda) famous!"

Way #4: Online veg*n dating sites. Veg*n dating sites (or ANY dating sites, for that matter) aren't really the way you should be spending your Saturday afternoons. But if you're desperate, they can help.
Way #5: Environmental advocacy groups. Many environmentalists are vegetarian or vegan because veganism is good for the planet! You should actually be interested in environmentalism if you join one of these groups, though. If you don't really care, then you may regret joining an advocacy group and your ulterior motives may be revealed ;) On the other hand, going to environmental events is a perfectly fine way to meet people without getting involved in advocacy work. (But really, why wouldn't you want to help save the environment, too?)
Way #6: Animal shelters. Most animal shelter workers probably aren't even vegetarian, but one or two people at your local shelter might be veg. It's worth a try to find out!
Way #7: Ask around. Seriously. Just ask everyone you know if they know any other veg*ns or people who are interested in going veg. You may even be able to help them go vegan or recruit them to follow my blog! ;)
Way #8: Convert people. Give presentations, hand out leaflets, get to know people, give advice, hold vegan bake sales, hold fundraiser concerts for animal-rights charities. You can do it! You'll be helping yourself by making friends who share your values, helping animals by converting vegans, and helping people by encouraging them to follow a healthy, plant-based diet. Perhaps by doing these things, you'll also find that there are already vegans in your community, after all. (They'll be more likely to approach you if you're doing an animal-rights event, obviously!)

With so many options, you will hopefully be inspired to try something I've listed here. Having veg*n friends is not only good for your wellbeing; it is also motivational for you to keep going strong with your compassionate diet.
See you next time!

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