Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pampered Pooch... Or Not? Part II

The next installment in this three-part series is on the boredom and lonliness that companion animals face daily while their owners are away at work and school.
I always like to ask people how they would feel if they were treated the way humans treat animals. So let me ask you this: would you like to be locked up in a house with nothing to do all day, or worse, in a cage?
Of course not! You'd want something to do, whether it be listening to music, chatting with a friend, or hiking in nature. And that's what your pet wants, too.
Luckily, there are many options for you to provide for your pet while you are away at work or school. Here are some of them:
  1. Companion animal relaxation CDs: I found one of these at my old school's annual book sale. I didn't buy it, because it looked like it was for cats (I have a dog and a rabbit), but later on I went on their website to play a preview of the music. My rabbit loved it! (My dog was either resting, uninterested, or asleep.) Now I've put it on my birthday wishlist for my parents to (hopefully) buy! I'll be able to play it in my rabbit's room (she has a room, not a cage) when I've gone out for a walk to keep her occupied. The one I'm talking about can be found at Also try and See a list of some more at
  2.  DVDs: You can also purchase a DVD to play for your companion animal for when you're away. Try
  3. Adopt another animal, preferably of the same species as your current pet, from the animal shelter. Make sure that their personalities are compatible (and that they won't eat each other-- like a cat and a guinea pig).
  4. Give small animals chew sticks, cardboard boxes, and toys to play with. These will take up a large portion of their time.
  5. But in the end, you can't buy love! Spend time with your companion animals. That's why you have them, right?
When you are at home, be sure not to shun or punish your pets, no matter what they do. They may not recognize why you are punishing them, and they will simply believe that you are a mean person! If your cat wants to cuddle up beside you at night or during the day, please let her. She loves you. That is a wonderful gift in itself.

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