Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Help End the Seal Hunt!

Baby seals are annually hunted for their soft fur and meat in the Canadian Arctic-- and the seal hunt is, indeed, going on right now!
Seals are clubbed to death or sometimes dragged off the ice by their eye sockets (with a metal hook in their eye). The babies are always the ones who are taken because of their light coats:

Baby seal
Courtesy of
 Honestly, the people who hunt these seals should just go out and buy a puffy winter jacket if they want to keep warm!
Things you can do to help end the seal hunt:
  1. Send a letter to Prime Minister Steven Harper demanding that the seal hunt be abolished. I got a message from peta2 a while ago with this idea, suggesting that I add this picture: to the letter. Although the Prime Minister may not actually read your letter, the constant flow of such letters will definitely raise his attention to the seal hunt.
  2. Sign one or all of these petitions:
  3. Boycott the following companies:
    1. Costco, which sells seal oil capsules
    2. fashion houses that sell furs: Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Birger Christensen, New Vogue, and Vogue Furriers
    3. Terra Nova, Canomega, and Omegavite, which all sell products made from seals
  4. Spread the word! Tell people about the seal hunt and how we can work together to stop it.
I'll be back with more information and tips next week!

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