Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chimpanzees in Entertainment on Feb 5, 2012

This week I wanted to let you know about's latest advertisement for the Super Bowl on February 5th-- one using chimpanzees as the so-called "actors"!
As the Jane Goodall Institute put it in an e-mail sent to their supporters, "despite CareerBuilder’s best efforts, the use of chimpanzees in entertainment is inherently inhumane." They have started a petition against such cruelty, which can be found at I hope that you can take a few short minutes to sign it!
The use of animals to solely entertain humans is wrong. Animals have the right to decide how to spend their time, instead of being forced to perform tricks and ridiculed.
If you haven't already, I suggest you sign up for Jane Goodall's e-newsletter. It isn't sent around too often-- just enough to keep you informed.
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