Sunday, November 3, 2013 A Great Resource for Making Veganism Easy and Fun (or for the Canadian version) is a website run by Mercy for Animals that explains the reasons for going vegan and provides really cool how-to's on vegan eating. It's a bright, colourful website that is really fun to look at. You simply click on a section you want to read about, and scroll down the page at your leisure!

Here's a screen capture from the BAM (Build A Meal) section of their website.
If you know anyone who wants advice on going vegan, please tell them about this site! If you are trying to incorporate more vegan recipes into your life or are looking for some vegan inspiration, why not check out the website yourself?
Veganism is a very powerful way of living by the value of compassion. This is put into practice in a practical manner by the more than a hundred animals whose lives are spared when you cease to consume their flesh, lactations, and eggs. (Obviously, those specific animals you would have otherwise eaten aren't saved from death-- unless you were going to hunt for them and kill them yourself-- but over time, with many people going vegan every year, the animal industries will exploit and murder less and less animals because there will be less of a demand for their products. And anyway, simply being a vegan is a statement to the world that you are ready to live by compassionate values. It also encourages others to follow your lead.) You can see some progress that vegetarians and vegans have already made in this graph by Vegan Outreach:

Total Meat & Poultry Consumption Per Capita
Courtesy of Vegan Outreach (I'm not sure if this repesents global statistics, or simply those for the USA.)
If you're not already a vegan, please take the step and try it for at least a month! A one-month commitment should be enough time to help you get used to the vegan diet and realize how great it really is. It may seem like a big leap to commit to being a vegan, but you hopefuly will want to remain a vegan after you take that first step-- which is truly a great thing for the animals.

Courtesy of

Dairy is great violence. Please go vegan
Courtesy of

Anyway, please go ahead and check out or!

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