Sunday, March 31, 2013

Animal Rights 2013

Hi everyone,
Today I want to talk about two different animal rights conferences that you really should go to: 1) the Animal Rights National Conference, in Washington, D.C. (end of June); and 2) the International Animal Rights Conference, in Luxembourg (September 2013). Here is a brief explanation of each:

Animal Rights National Conference 2013
Want to learn about animals, share your passion for animal rights, and travel to Washington D.C. all at once? Look no further than the Animal Rights National Conference 2013! It takes place annually, and this year, it is being held from June 27-30. I would expect that it's open to international visitors, too, including Canadians-- I'll check with them and get back to you all on that one.
If you can go, this would be an amazing experience-- one that could potentially change your life. According to the website,

  • 80 speakers from 60 organizations
  • 80 sessions: animal abuse, organizing, tactics, issues
  • Eyewitness reports on key campaigns
  • 90 free exhibits
  • 40 videos, including premieres
  • Newcomer Orientation
  • Nightly networking receptions
  • Awards Banquet on Saturday evening
  • "Celebration of Animal Rights" on Sunday evening
  • Lobbying and other special actions on Monday
  • Discounted sleeping rooms and meals
  • Free morning & evening vegan snacks

  • People who care about animals
  • People who want to learn about animals
  • Students of organizing and advocacy skills
  • Leaders of animal protection organizations
  • Animal protection activists
  • Producers & retailers of animal-friendly products
  • Providers of animal-friendly services".
Here is the website for more information: This conference is run by FARM-- the Farm Animal Rights Movement. The group's website can be found here:
International Animal Rights Conference
This conference takes place in Luxembourg! It is from the 12th-15th of September this year. Anyone can go-- whether you're an animal rights activist or just interested in the subject.
This location was chosen because it is (supposedly) a very international country that doesn't have much of an animal rights community of its own, which makes it more easy to attract a truly international audience.
Their website, at, states that the following things will take place at the conference:
  • "presentations
  • workshops
  • discussions
  • panel discussions
  • campaign reports
  • stalls and exhibits
  • animal rights concerts
  • animal rights protests"

  • Registration does not seem to be open yet, but keep checking back-- they'll update their website eventually (one would hope!).
    The website is run by activists from Luxembourg and Germany. Beware-- I went to the activist group's website, and they had a video of horrible animal suffering on it. I had to turn it off because I couldn't watch it. Still, I hope you can consider going to the conference, where there are many presenters who look interesting and more positive.
    That's all for now, then. Bye!

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